Welcome to Spirit of the Galaxy!

This is the homepage of the rpg campaign “Spirit of the Galaxy”, a Space Opera Superhero setting where bands of superpowered individuals, called Suprabeings, roam the galaxy fighting crime, righting wrongs, destroing threats that could end life as we know it and generally being awesome.

Many of the Characters belong to an organization called The Prime Knights. This group of Suprabeings, tied to the galactic government of the League, is the first line of defense against enemies no normal being could ever hope to fight.

The League is fighting an ever ending war against the Renegades, suprabeings who decided to use their powers to cause harm, and the mysterious aliens known as the Architects.

Yet the Prime Knights are not alone, in this war: the Confederacy’s Engels, the Shii Protectors or the Galactic Bounty Hunters are rising to fight the ever mounting threats.

Note: I’m sorry, but much of the setting is in Italian, when I’ll have the chance and time I’ll translate everything to English.

Spirit of the Galaxy

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