Sparrowhawk (Althea Ripley)



Name: Althea Ripley
Alias: Sparrowhawk
Affiliation: Bounty Hunters
Occupation: adventurer, mercenary, bounty hunter
Place of Birth: Earth, USA
Age: 42 (born on 11/05/2753; stopped aging at 18)
Gender: female
Height: 1,72m (5’6ft)
Weight: 94kg (207lbs due to cybernetic body)

BODY: 10
MIND: 12
SOUL: 13


MAXIMUM DAMAGE: N/A (varies upon current setup)


  • Armor 5
  • Enhanced Stat [Soul] 1
  • Pocket Dimension 2 (Quantic Memory; limited: one use only, data storage and retrieval; Burns Energy, 1EP)
  • Power Flux: Cybernetics 16 (Limited Point Exchange: 80CP, 17 Fluxable Powers/Attributes; Burns Energy: 1EP/round)
  • Regeneration 1 (Variable Intensity; 5HP/round)
  • Reincarnation 2
  • Special Defenses 12 (Aging x2, Air x2, Hunger x2, Sleep x2, Own Attributes x2, Diseases x2)
  • Special Movement 1 (Zen)


  • Attack Combat Mastery 6
  • Combat Technique 8 (Accuracy, Judge Opponent x2, Lightning Reflexes, Steady Hand, Two Weapons, Blind Shooting)
  • Defense Combat Mastery 7
  • Extra Attacks 1
  • Extra Defenses 1
  • Features 1 (Appearance)
  • Gadgets 3
  • Massive Damage 5 (limited to Primary Special Attack)
  • Organizational Ties 6 (Bounty Hunters)
  • Tough 3
  • Wealth 3

Adventuring +3, Detective +1, Scientific +1, Street +2, Technical +4

Famous, 2BP; Ism: Indendent Suprahuman, 1BP; Less Capable – Soul (Composure, Empathy), 2BP; Less Capable – Mind (Savvy), 2BP; Marked (cybernetic body), 3BP; Nemesis: Metal Reavers (space pirates), 2BP


Born to Jonathan Ripley and Janet Mercer, space merchants running a small enterprise, Althea grows up mostly on ships, travelling through the known galaxy with little to no time to build enduring friendships or any kind of bond outside her family. Naturally introverted, Althea learns everything she needs from her parents and future co-workers, showing interest in both mechanics and piloting. At 16 she graduates from a flight school on Terranova and becomes a full-fledged pilot.

Two years later, in 2768, Althea is leading the small fleet through a dangerous yet lucrative assignment in a partially unmapped sector. The deal is easy: deliver terraforming equipment, get paid, profit. The newly discovered planet is relatively easy to reach but nobody can foresee an assault by the Metal Reavers, pirates led by the Renegade Chthonian. The colony is cut short before they could set up the new equipment. With the spaceport under siege, Althea can’t even try to take off. In a matter of minutes the Reavers catch up with the fugitives. Their resistance is ill-fated and neutralized without a sweat. Slaughter ensues: Althea and her parents are the last ones left alive on the ship. Chthonian goes on to shoot the girl in the head. The bullet doesn’t kill her right away – she can still see the man dispatching of her parents. As the pirates leave with the booty, Althea’s last breath activates her latent powers. An involuntary call for help echoes through the ship. The machines are all that’s left and they heed the call the only way they know. They proceed onto repairing Althea the best they can. Though clinically dead, the girl wakes up three months later.

Destruction is still around her, nobody came to check on the colony. After days spent in a crazed frenzy, Althea eventually gets a hold onto herself and starts to piece together her last moments of life, before realizing she would forever be a pale simulacrum, a puppet imitating her former self. She buries her family, friends and, aided by her powers, builds a ship from the wreckages. Forever scarred by the slaughter and her own death (she knows what’s beyond the so-called white light but keeps it for herself) Althea chases down the Metal Reavers wherever they strike. It’s not only vengeance but it’s also the only mean to find a place in the Universe’s master plan – if there ever was a master plan. Twelve years go by before Althea, now going by the nickname of Sparrowhawk, gets her chance to face Chthonian. The showdown takes places on Kryskoll VI, a planet hidden deep inside the Renegade sector, a primeval Eden where Chthonian shows his true colors. An Architect himself, he might be as old as the time when Earth was supposed to be the only inhabited planet. Sparrowhawk wastes no time hearing his reasons, all she sees is a target. The fight goes on for days, laying waste all around the place. Caught in a deadly stalemate, Chthonian flees Kryskoll VI.

Denied her vengeance for the time being, Sparrowhawk joins forces with the Bounty Hunters. Her quest left her nearly penniless and the Bounty Hunters are a viable option to regain some money while keeping an eye out for any Metal Reaver activity (the pirates never disbanded even after Chthonian’s disappearance). Sparrowhawk makes a name for herself though her methods are far from spotless: she gets the job done, no matter what the cost. She often clashes with the Stellar League and the Prime Knights, whom she loudly dislikes: according to Althea, their mission is noble but they’re unfit to accomplish it. That said, from time to time she ends up working with some of them. She foils a slavery ring aiding the Knight Star-Gal on a mission against the Renegade Mindwarp and later meets up with Dark Matter, who was originally sent out to arrest Althea on some forged evidence. The women must work together to get out of an illusory yet deadly world created by Paradox, a Renegade whose mastery over matter and illusion is matched only by his obsession for the Shii Prime Knight. Other Knights would then collaborate with Sparrowhawk but she still can’t see them as real friends: she’s grown unaccustomed to human relationships nor is she interested into nurturing what’s left of her past life for she thinks feelings are just as meaningless.

While she “does the right thing” most of the times, it only coincides with her own personal crusade and thirst for vengeance. Many see her almost as a foe but she simply doesn’t care. Currently, she’s become a full-time bounty hunter, quickly escalating the ranks within the organization, earning some needed extra cash as a mercenary for anybody who can pay the price – Prime Knights included, she still doesn’t like them.


“Everything I am is just a means to the end. Fact is, I’d probably survive the end. S**t.” [from Sparrowhawk’s only existing interview for a network. It never aired.]
“You want something done? I’m your man. Woman. Cyborg. Whatever. You just start throwing money my way.” [Sparrowhawk’s display of greed every time she signs a contract.]
“It ain’t broken. See them sparks? You can still light a fire with them. Or get high.” [Recorded by A.L.E.X.A. when hyperdrive systems went out in the middle of a Renegade system. Sometimes used as blackmail.]
“You want to kill me? Fine. I can take it. Now, ask yourself if you can take a mechanical ghost from the dead. A phantom bi**h from beyond. It’s nightmare stuff, y’know?” [a rare attempt at diplomacy. Later that day, Sparrowhawk was sued for collateral damage on a UGN colony. Settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.]

Sparrowhawk (Althea Ripley)

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