Garrick "Gorgon" Whitmore

No-nonsense Bounty Hunter and occasional father


Name: Garrick “Gorgon” Whitmore
Affiliation: Bounty Hunters
Occupation: bounty hunter officer and field operative
Place of Birth: Terranova, Port Aurora
Age: 36 (born on 07/3/2759)
Gender: male
Height: 1,84m (6’04ft)
Weight: 92kg (202lbs)

BODY: 10


MAXIMUM DAMAGE: N/A, depends on current weapon


  • Attack Combat Mastery 9
  • Combat Technique (Blind Shooting, Lightning Reflexes +3, Weapon Encyclopaedia, Block Ranged Attacks, Judge Opponent x2, One Shot Left, Steady Hand, Two Weapons x2)
  • Defense Combat Mastery 10
  • Extra Attacks 1
  • Extra Defenses 2
  • Features (Appearance) 1
  • Gadgets 3
  • Heightened Awareness 8
  • Item of Power 5 – Modular Armor (Power Flux: Limited Points Exchange, 25CP, Fluxable Powers: Adapatation, Armor, Invisibility, Sensory Block, Regeneration, Special Defenses)
  • Massive Damage 4
  • Organizational Ties 9
  • Tough 12
  • Wealth 5

Adventuring +4, Military +3, Technical +3, Detective +3, Science +1, Everyman +1


  • Barracuda Automatic Guns (DMG: 14; Auto-Fire, Short Range, Accurised, Speed Loader, Trigger Lock)
  • Sniper Rifle (DMG: 20; Accurised, Bipod Attachment, Brass Catcher, Flash Suppressor, Laser Sight, Night Vision Scope, Scope, Silencer, Trigger Lock)
  • “Knuckle Sandwich” Fighter: a small, fast personal ship equipped with autocannons. Has hyperflight capabilities but its range is somewhat limited. Has enough free space to hold a detention cell for captured perps.

Famous, 3BP; Nemesis (Slavers) 2BP, Significant Other (Jake, son) 1BP


Garrick starts his career as a law enforcer in Port Aurora’s Police, whom he joins as soon as he turns eighteen. Some say he was just lucky to nail down illustrious arrests while still a uniform, which propelled him to officer in just five years. Those who worked with him know he’s just focused: when it comes down to track down a suspect or a criminal, Garrick becomes blind to everything else except his designated target. The very same blindness marked his personal life, however: three months after his son Jake was born, his fiancée and betrothed Danika Sorenson leaves him. Garrick comes back to his senses as his superiors are donning a Detective’s badge for him. Danika gains full legal custody on the basis of Garrick’s absence, allowing him to see the baby on two weekends each month. Mad at the verdict, Garrick pulls a Wilson. While handling a criminal, a serial-rapist, he just beats him senseless as clues of a missing child are found inside the man’s hideout. The man spits out where he hid the child. Garrick and his then partner Dale Keene are able to retrieve the prisoner just before the rapist is released: his confession is void due to Garrick’s way over the line methods. The cop is demoted and he’s back on the beat again.

However, Garrick doesn’t give up: he hires a bounty hunter to get the rapist, since policemen can’t arrest him twice for the same violation. Garrick forges some phony evidence against him and the man’s then charged for possession and dealing. Before Internal Affairs can ultimately bury Garrick, he resigns. As a last favor, Dale Keene hides everything relating Garrick to the forged evidence.

Garrick is about to start working as a private eye when Danika dies while coming back from her parent’s city on another planet: her ship is caught in a fight between some League’s aircrafts and Renegades and is destroyed by friendly fire. Garrick regains Jake’s custody but he’s going to be penniless in a couple of months. He decides the quickest way to patch everything up is to join the Bounty Hunters – and it works. However, Garrick’s doomed to commit the same mistake again. Jake grows up basically alone with his aunt Chloe on Terranova; he and Garrick become more and more estranged as years go by.

Meanwhile, Garrick quickly climbs up the ladder which will eventually lead to his Officer rank. Though without powers, he chases down ordinary criminals and Renegades alike with a high success rate. His nickname “Gorgon” was a one-time joke that eventually stuck.

His increasing responsibilities are keeping him away from the field; Garrick’s often frustrated at the bureaucracy, what he wants is action before his body will give up on him. As of late, he’s trying to appoint new officials to ease the burden but there aren’t many suitable subjects. He thinks Sparrowhawk might be one but he’s also aware the woman’s much more helpful out there, since there are so few Class-B Suprahumans within the Bounty Hunters.

He’s trying to catch up with Jake, now 11, but things don’t go as he hopes. When outside the HQs, Garrick likes to hang out with his colleagues and friends, maybe for a beer or the occasional fight in a God-forsaken pisshole some place in the galaxy. Despite these childish behaviors, Garrick is a formidable fighter and a dedicated leader; it’s no wonder many look up at him as the next Hunters’s chief officer.

Garrick "Gorgon" Whitmore

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