Dark Matter (Sahira Purana Kalima)

Warrior savant of the Shii people


Name: Sahira Purana Kalima
Alias: Dark Matter
Group Affiliations: Shii Collective – Stellar League – Prime Knights
Occupation: Precettore
Place of Birth: Temara, Shii Collective
Age: 26 (born on 3/09/2769)
Gender: Female
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 57 kg

Body: 10
Mind: 16
Soul: 12
Health Points: 110
Energy Points: 220
Shock Value: 22
Combat Value: 20
Defense Value: 14


Armour 2 (20 damage stopped)
Attack Combat Mastery 8
Combat Technique 2
- Accuracy
- Judge Opponent
Defense Combat Mastery 4
Energy Bonus 4
Enhanced [Mind] 3
Extra Attacks 1
Extra Defenses 1
Flight 6 (5,000 kph)
- Fly in any Direction
Force Field 7 (120 damage reduction)
- Area 2×1 = 2 (1m)
- Duration 0×1 = 0
- Regenerating
Organizational Ties (Prime Knights) 2 (Connected)
- Only Tied to Part of the Organization
- Significant Power
Special Attack: Gravity Lance 11 (220 damage attack)
- Area Effect 11 metre radius
- Uses Energy 10 energy points drained
Alternate Attack: Gravity Bolts 10 (140 damage attack)
- Auto-Fire
Telekinesis 7 (1M kg)
- Anything Physical
- Burns Energy 10 pts or 30/day
- Area 100m
- Range 100m
Teleport 4 (10k meters)
- Unknown Destinations
- Area 10m
- Range 10m
- Targets 10 People
- Burns Energy 5 pts or 10/day
Wealth 1 ($500,000)


Nemesis: Cabal 2
Significant Other 1
Red Tape 1

Skill Groups

Scientific 4
Everyman 3
Technical 2
Diplomatic 2
Phylosophy 2
Adventuring 1


Born in a family traditionally linked to the Protectors’ Caste on the planet Temara, Sahira learnt soon that her talents were lying in a completely different direction: her mind sharp and analitical, her interest rooted in science rather than weapons. This predisposition brought her in conflict with her family, and led to a rather solitary childhood.

In the Shii culture passage from adolescence to adulthood is marked by selection into one of the castes, according to the individual’s talents. Sahira was revealed to be a Preceptor: one of the enlightened elite. Yet her family seemed to be disappointed by the results, probably wanting their child to become a respected officer in the Shii Army. This behaviour widened the gap between Sahira and her parents, and she remained close only with her younger sister Alara.

Sahira’s life as a Preceptor was quiet and happy, made of study, contemplation and training; a different environment from the loud and sometimes violent world of the Protectors. Her Master Kaluga, an old and wise Shii, saw the girls as his natural successor as the head of the research center. But this was not to be…

During an experiment relative to the study of dark matter, Sahira was hit by a large quantity of unknown particles generated by the machines she was using. Her blood composition changed dramatically. For days she was left in a coma between life and death, she was rejecting the new blood, and the particles brought in it were trying to change her body as well.

After a long struggle she was left seemingly dead. But as soon the doctors started to prepare Sahira for the funeral rites, she began moving again. The particles in her blood had won, but they didn’t killed her, they changed her. It didn’t take long for her to realize this event had given her amazing powers, she could literally feel the gravity force flowing through her body. She could change it with a tought to move objects, fly, and even create small black holes and throw them as a weapon.

Sahira was horrified when she finally realized the extent of her powers, and tried to hide them from the authorities fearing they could force her to use them. Yet this was not the plan destiny laid out for her.

During her stay in the hospital Sahira knew there was someone near her. Always assuming it was Alara, she went back to her hometown to visit. For a strange twist of fate that was the day a group of Renegades Suprabeings had chosen to launch an attack on the Shii territories, maybe they were hoping to create a diplomatic incident between the UGN and the Shii, but no one knows for sure. The attack was swift and brutal, there was not an objective but innocent bystanders, and the Shii military present at the scene could only contain the threat, but not defeat it.

Sahira was not harmed, because she was always protected by a force field naturally projected by her mind. Yet she didn’t do anything, something even she cannot explain. Maybe was scared, maybe she felt it was not her responsability, but when Sahira realized what her inaction did it was too late. Arriving at her home she found it in ruins, her parents dying, her sister wounded. Even her powers couldn’t save them. With their last breaths her parents told Sahira they were proud of her and of what she achieved. In tears she confessed what happened, but her confession was not met with anger.

They were seriously concerned and with his last breaths Kalimo, her father, asked Sahira to use her powers to “Make a difference”, to stand against the Renegades and to care for her sister. She promised to make them proud, and hold them close to her till they died.

A hour later the attack was over, the city of Demora half in ruin. After the attack Sahira spent countless days trying to track down the authors, while trying to mantain a normal life. Two years passed and Alara was chosen to become a Protector; feeling she was not a burden anymore the two sisters continued their fight, bringing two of the Renegades to justice and collecting evidence against the others. Sahira felt the circle was closing around the leader.

Yet some months later a rift in space-time opened on the planet Sahira and Alara were investigating. An extra dimensional alien race, known as the Ctonian, led by an individual called Cabal, poured over the unsuspecting human world. The Confederated armed forces fought hardly, but they were no match for the superior alien forces. Only the intervention of the Prime Knights, led by the legendary Suprahuman Atlas, managed to stem the tide.

Sahira stepped forward and used her gravitational power to make the portals collapse, cutting the reinforcements of the Ctonians. The battle turned on the defenders’ favour, and the Prime Knights along with the CAFs, forced the Ctonians to retreat. Cabal and his few followers were stranded in an unknown dimension, isolated and lost, but managed to flee. Since then they are trying to find a way to open up the portals again and invade this dimension.

After her actions Sahira was asked to join the Prime Knights. Remembering her parents and knowing well that her powers could truly make the difference, she accepted. For the universe she became known as Dark Matter. Alara joined her aboard the Agharti as an attache for the Shiis, a request Sahira explicitly did as a condition for joining.

Dark Matter distinguished herself during the years she spend as a Prime Knight, coming to clash against threats as Mindwarp, along her friend Star-Gal; or the madman Paradox who seems to have an obsession for the Shii woman.

She formed a strong bond with her new partners and, even if she would never admit it, Dark Matter feels that they are the closest thing to a family she has.


Tall and good looking, she bears her blonde hair always tied up in a ponytail. Sahira feels always confident, in control and with a bit of black humor, even if everything around her is going to hell.

Her face is always painted with the mourning make up of the Shii women, probably to remember her parents and the death she couldn’t (or didn’t want) save.

Dark Matter (Sahira Purana Kalima)

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